Mileage Tax Relief for Supply Teachers

Are you working as a supply teacher and travelling to and from different schools? Great news, so long as each position lasts less than 24 months then you can make a claim for the cost of your travel as a mileage tax refund.

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Sam B

Claim Back Tax has been absolutely outstanding. Wish we’d known about them sooner, but will definitely be using his services again and again in the future. Can’t recommend enough.



Great service. Claim Back Tax made everything so easy. He was on hand to answer any questions and the whole process was much quicker than I thought.


Elaine Burman

Just to say a thank you just received our marriage tax allowance back hassle free would highly recommend thank you once again 😊

The Return is Just as Rewarding

teacher in classroom

The Return is Just as Rewarding

They say teaching is one of the most rewarding jobs you can do. So why not make it financially rewarding too! Teachers in primary and high schools will often use money from their own pockets on things that will enable them to do their job. This is especially true when it comes to travelling to work.

We’re frequently asked whether tax relief can be claimed on the miles driven when working at a school and sometimes it can cause confusion. The simple answer is yes, you can claim back tax on your journeys and fuel costs if you travel between schools, colleges and universities, as well as any other trip that’s classed as “business mileage”.

Who’s Eligible to Make a Claim?

Claiming for mileage expenses is one of the most recognisable entitlements, but you’d be surprised at how many aren’t aware they qualify. Supply teachers are the most eligible for a mileage tax refund due to the nature of the job, so if you’re permanently employed at one school, you may as well stop reading now, as you won’t be able to make a claim because you can’t submit a rebate for your normal commute.

For more information on what you need to do to make sure you have everything in order to submit a refund claim, check out this handy guide on mistakes to avoid.

Who’s Eligible to Make a Claim?


Example Case Study

Does this sound like you...

Jessica was supply teacher for two different schools in the last two years, based in Castle Cary and Bruton. This meant she needed to travel to each premises on a regular basis using her own car. The schools unfortunately never paid to cover the cost of her fuel. Thankfully, a friend made her aware that HMRC lets you to claim mileage tax relief for the “wear and tear of your vehicle”, including the amount it cost to fill up the tank.

As such, Jessica was entitled to claim up to 0.45p per mile. During the course of the time she taught at the schools, she’d travelled 8,000 miles to teach her students and various other school related journeys. Even though she discovered she was eligible for some tax relief, she didn’t have a clue how to do it. After spotting an advert on Google, she contacted the team at Claim Back Tax, the specialist milage account manager calculated that she was due a refund of £2,000, as well as submitting the paperwork directly to HMRC.

Jessica - Supply Teacher

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