Working on film sets? Great news, you can claim the cost of your travel to and from the set.

By the very nature of what they do, people working in the film industry travel to and from what are deemed temporary working sites by HMRC. This means you can make a mileage tax refund claim.

Not made a claim before and concerned you may have missed out? Don’t worry! Here at Claim Back Tax, we specialise in tax refund claims and we can actually back date your claim for the last 4 years.

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Sam B

Claim Back Tax has been absolutely outstanding. Wish we’d known about them sooner, but will definitely be using his services again and again in the future. Can’t recommend enough.



Great service. Claim Back Tax made everything so easy. He was on hand to answer any questions and the whole process was much quicker than I thought.


Elaine Burman

Just to say a thank you just received our marriage tax allowance back hassle free would highly recommend thank you once again 😊

Have you claimed yours yet?

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Have you claimed yours yet?

Claiming relief on the miles you travel can be worth up to 45p per mile for any journey that’s classed as a business trip, including any you have made over the last 4 years. It doesn’t matter how often you’ve used your vehicle, be it daily or weekly, you may still be eligible to claim a rebate on your mileage from HM Revenue & Customs.

Most films and television programmes tend to shoot at multiple locations during the making of them. Think about the different types of jobs too. Whether you’re a camera operator or the one who runs all the errands, you could end up clocking a lot of miles, which means you could have massively overpaid your PAYE income tax, especially if your employer hasn’t reimbursed you.

What would stop me from claiming?

If you use your own car, van or motorcycle for business related trips, the money you spend on the number of miles you travel can go straight back in your own pocket every year. That means you can claim up to 45p per mile for the first 10k miles.

However, if your employer already reimburses you this amount you won’t be able to claim. The same goes for if you have a company car. Unfortunately, you won’t be able to claim back your tax under the Approved Mileage Allowance Payments (AMAP) rates.

Going to and from your main working site is also something you can’t claim back. This type of commute isn’t deemed as tax deductible by HMRC, just anything falls outside of your main commute.

What would stop me from claiming?


Example Case Study

Does this sound like you...

Michael came to Claim Back Tax as he’d used his own vehicle to travel to several temporary sites across Greater Manchester.

Being in full time employment with his company and wasn’t being reimbursed by his employer, this meant he could seek a refund from for the tax he’d paid PAYE from the beginning of March in that year.

His job required a significant amount of business travel in a private car. Not only that, but because this was the first time Michael had claimed, was able to apply for the last few years since starting his job.

Michael was awarded a whopping £2,431.84 rebate. Make sure you’re not missing out! Use our free online calculator to give you an instant estimate of what you could be owed.

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