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Did you know that you can claim the tax back for work travel?

If you are using your own vehicle for work and are being reimbursed less than 0.45p per mile by your employer then you are entitled to claim back tax on the distance you have travelled. If you have not yet made a claim, don’t worry, we can actually backdate your claim to 2015.

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Why can I claim back tax on my mileage?

Why can I claim back tax on my mileage?

HMRC allows you to claim tax relief on mileage travelled whilst on business duties. This could be travel whilst visiting clients, travelling to different offices, making collections or dropping off goods, or travelling to temporary working sites. There is an allowance available of 0.45p per mile so if you are not being reimbursed by your employer for your travel, or you are reimbursed less than 0.45p then great news, you are entitled to make a claim.

What can't I claim?

Travelling to and from your main working site is unfortunately not something that you can claim for. This is because the cost of your commute is not deemed as tax deductible by HMRC. It is any travel that falls outside of your main commute that you are able to claim for.

You may also already be being reimbursed by your employer for the mileage that you travel. So if you are being reimbursed 0.45p or more, then, unfortunately, no further tax relief will be due. If however you are not being reimbursed, or are getting less then 0.45p per mile then we can definitely make a claim for you.

What can't I claim?

Example Case Study

Does this sound like you...

Francesca was an office worker whose employer was based in Leeds. As part of her job role, she needed to travel to visit clients at their offices. Her employer reimbursed her 0.25p per mile to cover the cost of her fuel. HMRC, however, allows you to claim tax relief for the wear and tear of your vehicle, as well as fuel used. The total amount of tax relief available is 0.45p per mile. Because Francesa's employer was not reimbursing her the full 0.45p per mile, she had a claim.

Throughout the course of the year, Francesca had travelled 10,000 miles and had been reimbursed £2,500 by her employer. Francesca was allocated a Claim Back Tax refund manager who calculated that she was able to claim additional tax relief to the tune of £2,000. What's more, she had never made a mileage claim so her refund manager was able to backdate her claim to 2015. We completed all the necessary paperwork and submitted the claim directly to HMRC. After 8 weeks Francesca was refunded £1,600.

Total refund = £1,600

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