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Over 1.8 million couples have been overpaying since 2015

The Marriage tax allowance was introduced in 2015 and is designed to help out with the household bills. Don’t worry if you haven’t claimed for this yet. The whole point of the Claim Back Tax service is that we will actually backdate your claim to 2015 meaning that if you meet the criteria for the allowance you will be entitled to an average refund of £900.

Let us do the hard work for you. We’re quick and efficient in what we do. Since its inception, Claim Back Tax have been working hard to raise awareness and help married couples get what they have been missing out on. Our specialists work with HMRC to authorise the tax rebate they are owed.

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Am I entitled to it?

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Am I entitled to it?

In order to be entitled to the Marriage tax allowance, you do have to meet certain criteria. Firstly, one partner has to be earning less than the personal allowance (£12,500 for tax year 19/20), and secondly, the higher earning partner needs to not be a high rate taxpayer (earning less than £50,000). If you meet these criteria then the good news is that you are entitled to make a claim.

To make your claim simply complete the information on the claim form below and one of our refund managers will be in touch to asses your claim and complete any necessary paperwork for you.

How does it work?

Firstly, you need to complete the claim form below. Once completed you will be assigned a refund manager who will be in touch to assess your claim. During this assessment, your refund manager will run through exactly which years that you are eligible to claim for and discuss the process of submitting your claim.

After your assessment, your refund manager will prepare and send out your claim forms. When these arrive you simply need to double check the information contained on the forms, sign them, and then send them back to us in the stamped addressed envelope provided.

Once we receive your forms back your refund manager will double check everything has been completed correctly and then we will process your tax refund claim with HMRC.

How does it work?

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Example Case Study

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Mr Jones was a stay at home parent and worked parttime as an administrative assistant and Mrs Jones was a registered nurse. After Mrs Jones claimed a tax refund for washing her work uniform she also realised that the household could claim for the Marriage tax allowance.

After completing the 'Claim our refund' form she discussed their claim with her dedicated refund manager and we confirmed that they could, in fact, make a claim. This was because Mr Jones was earning less than his personal allowance and Mrs Jones was a basic rate taxpayer. What's more, Mrs Jones was advised that they could backdate their claim for the last 4 years.

Once the claim had been processed with HMRC a refund of £900 was paid out and Mrs Jones' personal allowance was increased. By increasing her personal allowance this meant that her takehome pay every month was increased as her tax code was amended to take into account the Marriage tax allowance.

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