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Can Health Care Workers Claim for Mileage?


It’s a great question and something we get asked all the time. Whether you’re a doctor, GP, care home worker or a health practitioner that travels to check on patients,...

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Do You Make These Common Mistakes When Recoding Your Mileage?


When it comes to expenses, travel can be a somewhat tricky area, but it’s also one that affects a lot of employees and the self-employed. Mileage claims for driving are...

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Your Questions Answered – Everything you need to know about CIS Tax


If you’re a new worker employed under CIS, or you’ve been in the building trade a while, but only now making the move from PAYE to CIS, you may have...

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COVID-19 and How it Affects Your Businesses Tax Operations


With the outbreak of COVID-19 rapidly spreading across the UK, questions are being raised on how it is going to affect small businesses. And as we are advised to restrict...

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How COVID-19 is Going to Affect Your Personal Taxes


With the outbreak of one of the most contagious diseases in the world now rapidly spreading across the UK, thoughts turn towards limitations to the ability to work and lack...

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