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5 of the Best UK Filming Locations


Magical and memorable UK filming locations aren’t hard to come by. Our tiny nation is famous in the film industry for its incredible array of unique filming locations, ranging all...

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Can Health Care Workers Claim for Mileage?


It’s a great question and something we get asked all the time. Whether you’re a doctor, GP, care home worker or a health practitioner that travels to check on patients,...

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Will a Drop in Company Car Mileage Increase Amount of EV Cars?


Surprise, surprise. Another day, another potential effect of the Coronavirus pandemic. Except this could be for the better, especially for the environment. The way we work changed completely on the...

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Do You Make These Common Mistakes When Recoding Your Mileage?


When it comes to expenses, travel can be a somewhat tricky area, but it’s also one that affects a lot of employees and the self-employed. Mileage claims for driving are...

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What Will a Post 2020 Wedding Look Like for Those Wanting to Get Married?


Earlier this month we discussed the additional hardships couple were facing from cancelling or postponing their wedding. Following on from this, we thought we’d examine what it may look like...

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Can I claim back tax on my mileage if I am not self-employed?


A question that we get asked on almost a daily basis is whether or not you can claim back tax on your mileage if you are not self-employed. The simple...

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