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Covid-19 Uniform Tax Allowance

Are You at Risk Wearing Your Uniform?


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Coronavirus has affected us all, but unless you work in the healthcare sector, you might not be aware that your uniform could a high-risk carrier of the virus and other germs. That’s according to the advice of the NHS when it comes to curtailing the spread of harmful bacteria and virus spores?

So, if that’s the case, how can you combat it and is there any additional financial aid to help with the potential increased costs

Hygiene is now more critical than it’s ever been!

Whether you took self-hygiene seriously or not before the current pandemic and despite health bodies promoting it strenuously since previous infection outbreaks, thankfully the government has now recognised your hygiene and that of your environment is decisive in cutting the transmission of infections.

When it comes to your work uniform, at lot of germs and bacteria can live on clothes for some time. Washing your garments as you normally would will definitely help, but they can still disperse between items in the laundry process.

It’s advised you wash your uniform at 60C with a bleach-based product. You’re also going to have to wash these items more often and separate it from your normal washing loads, as every time you go to work, you’re now even more at risk of being a carrier. (For more information on this, please visit the NHS FAQ section)

Are you now a “key worker”?

Since the outbreak, there has been a reclassification of sorts for which workers are now defined as “key works”. Healthcare staff were always in this category, but as the increase in food supply and delivery services have intensified, people who work in food, agriculture and delivery industries are now firmly a part of this list.

If you’re not already aware, you can claim tax allowances from HMRC to help you with the upkeep and washing of your uniform. The amount can vary from £60 to £1,022 per year, but this is dependent on the job you do. For example, healthcare sector workers have allowances of between £80 and £185 per year for their uniform. (More information can be found here)

Most tax breaks for uniforms haven’t increase since 2008, but these are unprecedented times. Washing your clothes at a higher temperature uses more far more electricity and will cost more than a 30 or 40 degree wash. Separating loads will also escalate the amount of washing cycles you need to run, so we might now see an increase in the allowances to reflect the costs key workers will now accumulate.

Not sure what you need to do to claim and how much you could be owed? Get in contact with our experts and let us Claim Back Tax you’re owed now.