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Building and construction

Working in the construction industry and wearing a branded uniform or protective clothing, using your own vehicle to…

railway worker

Railway workers

Railway workers usually have to wear a branded uniform or protective clothing to work safely on site, so…

police in street

Police officers

As a police officer, it is likely that your employer has already claimed your FRE allowance for the…

firefighter in station


As a firefighter, it is likely that your employer has already claimed your FRE allowance for the washing…

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Teachers and education

As an educational worker, it is likely that you are not wearing a branded uniform whilst you teach.…

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Health care workers

As a public sector health care worker, it is likely that your employer has already claimed your FRE…

armed forces

Armed forces

It is common for Armed Forces personnel to travel between different training bases throughout the year and unless…

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Working as a mechanic and wearing a branded uniform or protective clothing, using your own vehicle to travel…

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Banks and building society workers

If you work in a bank then it is likely that you will have to wear a branded…

airline pilots

Airlines and cabin crew

If you are working as a pilot, cabin crew, or for an airline directly then it is highly…

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Chefs and food preparation

Working as a chef or in the food preparation industry and are wearing a branded uniform or protective…

delivery man

Fast food workers

Are you working in the fast food industry and are paying to wash your own uniform? Great news,…

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Scott is a joiner and was unaware that he could claim back tax for washing his uniform

After filling in his details on the 'Estimate my refund' calculator, Scott realised that he was able to claim tax relief for the last four years for washing his own uniform. After the consultation with his Refund Manager, he realised that he was also able to claim for his union fees and for tax relief on some small tools that he needed for work.

Scott's Refund Manager completed all of the required paperwork and sent this off to HMRC, requesting that they also reconcile his tax account to make sure that he had paid the correct amount of tax. After only a few weeks Scott received a cheque in the post for £480.88 and HMRC amended his tax code so he paid less tax going forward.

Alan is working under CIS and was unhappy with his previous refunds

Alan had been working CIS for years and was always questioning why his co-workers always seemed to be getting much larger CIS refunds then he was. Alan decided to change his accountants and after being referred to us by one of his colleagues decided to appoint Claim Back Tax as his new accountants.

It had become apparent that Alan's previous accountant had not been claiming all of the expenses that he was entitled to. When the tax year had ended (5th April) Alan's accountant helped him account for all of his earnings and made sure that he was claiming all of the expenses that he was entitled to. After preparing and submitting Alan's tax return his accountant was able to award him a refund of £2,249 within 7 days.

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Mr Reynolds worked part-time and Mrs Reynolds was a basic rate tax payer

Mr Reynolds worked part-time as a waiter at his local restaurant, earning about £5,000 per year, and Mrs Reynolds was a marketing consultant. Whilst Mr Reynolds salary allowed him to help out with the household bills, he was earning below his personal allowance. After realising that he could actually transfer some of his personal allowance to his wife, he completed the 'Claim our refund' form and arranged a call with one of our Refund Managers.

Mr Reynolds was delighted to hear that he could actually backdate his Marriage tax allowance, allowing him to allocate 10% of his personal allowance to Mrs Reynolds. Once the claim form was submitted, processed, and sent to HMRC, their refund was paid out within 12 weeks. On top of this, HMRC increased Mrs Reynolds personal allowance by £1,190 per year, meaning that she paid less tax on a monthly basis going forward.

Anne had recently turned 55 and decided to draw down her pension early to pay off her mortgage

Whilst she realised that 75% of her draw down was subject to income tax, what she hadn't realised was that this had the potential to alter the amount of tax that she was paying from her employment.

Anne decided to speak to Claim Back Tax about the amount of tax that she was paying. Her accountant reviewed all of Anne's information and agreed that she was paying too much tax. We registered as tax agents for Anne and submitted the relevant information to HMRC for them to review the amount of tax that she was paying. After a few weeks, Anne would receive a refund of £4,323. What is more, Anne would now be on the correct tax code meaning that she would be paying the correct amount of tax going forward.

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